$18 Billion Planned For Brisbane Upgrade

With Brisbane set for $18 billion in infrastructure development over the coming years, Brisbane is set to become a globally recognized city, and a jewel in the crown of Australian attractions and destinations.  Coinciding with massive residential and commercial property developments, south east Queensland is tipped to become bustling with life, jobs, entertainment and tourism. Some of the infrastracture upgrades include:
  • North Shore Hamilton – $5 billion
  • Queens Wharf Integrated Resort Casino Project – $3 billion
  • Metro Transport System – $1.5 billion
  • Brisbane Airport Second Runway – $1.3 billion
  • Brisbane Quarter – $800 million
Howard Smith Wharves – $110 million
It is estimated that these projects will create thousands of construction jobs, as well as making Brisbane a better place to visit or stay.   See more of our articles at our BLOG Return to HOME page *Sources: https://www.therealestateconversation.com.au/2017/08/02/18-billion-worth-infrastructure-investment-brisbane/1501629370 http://www.jll.com.au/australia/en-au/news/1183/18-billion-worth-of-infrastructure-investment-for-brisbane https://www.fullfinancialservices.com.au/blog/property-investing-10-reasons-to-buy-in-brisbane https://www.thehotelconversation.com.au/news/2017/08/02/18-billion-worth-infrastructure-investments-brisbane/1501618002