CEO Welcome – Liberty International College

Hello, my name is Ricardo Novais, managing director of the newly formed Liberty International College. I would like to briefly share with you why this exciting registered training organisation has been “born“.

Firstly, I am an immigrant from Portugal and, with my family, arrived in Australia in 1982. Many immigrants would understand the challenges along the way including visas, adjusting to a new country and lifestyle, hence I seamlessly empathise with their challenges.
Living in Australia is a dream come true, the lifestyle and opportunities are incomparable to any country I’ve visited. The balance of work and leisure in Australia is supported by all levels of government, and the culture around family and recreation results in Australians having a great way of enjoying life.

From a work perspective, I have been involved in construction all my life, it is an industry I love. In fact, my family built our own home when I was 14 years of age, which meant every weekend I was working on the family house. I learnt many skills and saw the value of hard work, and soon realised that effort equals results.

My belief and vision are so strong in construction skills, that my wife and I have launched a specialised registered training organisation. I have ventured into this industry to help people learn and develop the right skills and to build pathways for their career. This will be particularly beneficial to international students.

I believe with the right tools any student can be successful in which ever course he or she chooses. That is why at Liberty International College we believe that students are the most important asset. Our personal approach to support each student achieve their goals and expected outcomes is a point of difference that makes all the difference to their success.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, together we can make a difference and truly experience self-actualisation.


Ricardo Novais