CJB Construction

Liberty International College offers more than just a quality education. We offer opportunity. We do this by providing references and contacts between students and our partner companies. One of our major partners is CJB Panels Pty Ltd. We would like to introduce you to CJB, one of the most well-established construction companies here in Brisbane, and share with you an inspirational story of how the company was built from the ground up. This is a great opportunity for our future construction students to connect with an amazing company

Meet the CEO of CJB  Carlos Novais


CJB was started by Carlos Novais, who now has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Carlos originally hails from Portugal, where he worked as a carpenter and contractor. In 1976 Carlos married the love of his life, Joselia. Not too long after getting married, Carlos and Joselia welcomed two sons into the world: Carlos Jr and Ricardo. Whilst working on a factory project in Portugal, Carlos faced an accident which resulted in the loss of a finger, after a failed rescue operation. Following the incident, Carlos hoped for a different future that could provide top healthcare and opportunity for his family. As if it were by fate, Carlos came across an immigration office in Portugal that were looking to sponsor skilled workers to go over to Australia. Thanks to his talents in carpentry and building, Carlos was able to relocate his family over to Australia in 1982

Like many immigrants who came to Australia during the 1980s, Carlos faced many struggles, but he continued to persist. After years of hard work, Carlos earned enough money to be able to build his own house here in Australia; and in 1998 he set up a home office to start his own construction company. CJB Panels Pty Ltd would eventually grow out of the home office, into its own established building, and see prosperous growth with various big-name projects. To date, CJB Panels Pty Ltd has had the pleasure of working on projects such as the DFO Airport site, the renovations and upgrades to both Westfield Garden City and Chermside, the Brisbane Full Gospel Church in Eight Mile Plains, and the Harvey Norman Shopping Centre – just to name a few. In the lead up to their 20th birthday, CJB Panels Pty Ltd has cemented their reputation as one of the most successful and reliable construction companies in Brisbane, and we want to share their success with our students here at Liberty International College


  • Westfield Shopping Centre: Chermside and Mount Gravatt
  • DFO
  • Brisbane Full Gospel Church
  • Harvey Norman Shopping Centre
  • Swiss-Belhotel
  • Seven-Eleven
  • Qantas Hanger