International English Language Testing System

In a global society having the best IELTS score has never been so valuable. The International English Language Testing System is the world standard for English language proficiency for study, work and migration. IELTS scores are a requirement for higher education study in Australia and many of our students enrol at Liberty College’s IELTS course to secure their pathway to university.

Educational, training and employment organisations globally are requesting high IELTS band scores for students and future employees, both locally and internationallyAt Liberty College we offer a unique approach to IELTS training that you won’t find anywhere else.



  • Crack the Test: sessions will help students get familiar with the test layout and learn useful tips and proven strategies to improve their band score.
  • Intensive Workshops: sessions will last one hour and focus on one specific area of the IELTS: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Classes are divided by Foundation and Advanced to challenge students and encourage active learning.
  • Mock Tests: mock tests will run everyday and include all components (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking)


Our IELTS courses are customised for the individual student. Here are some students who can benefit from our courses:

  • Students with a strict work schedule: We offer all our classes at least twice a day from morning to night throughout the week and you can opt to pay per class, so you only have to pay for the class you can attend.
  • Students with only one or two weak areas: We can design a set of classes to take to boost your skills only in the areas you’re struggling, so student who only need help with writing won’t have to spend time and money learning about the other components.
  • Overseas students coming on an ELICOS visa: To be on an ELICOS visa students must attend 4 hours a day of face to face classes. Students choosing this pathway will get to choose one class of Crack the Test (2 hours) and two Intensive Workshops (1 + 1 hour). If the student wants to work evenings, they can attend the morning class, if the student wants to work during the day, they can attend the evening class.
  • Students who have taken the IELTS before: Students can still learn new tips and tricks to boost their next score, especially now that they may know where their biggest weaknesses are. They can also take advantage of Intensive Workshops to build up their English ability.
  • Students who have never taken the IELTS before: Student can get familiar with the actual layout of the test and learn strategies to improve their score. They can also take mock tests to get a feel for the actual IELTS without paying the steep cost.
  • Students with exceptional English abilities: Usually students with exceptional English ability assume they are fine to sit the exam without much preparation, but the test is not designed to assess your natural English speaking ability. In fact, a lot of students miss out on higher scores because they don’t know what examiners are looking for. Our Crack the Test classes are perfect for students who know English well, but struggle with the actual test.
  • Students with low English abilities: Students with little English ability will find themselves frustrated in a typical IELTS course where they are expect to sit through dozens of mock tests without proper feedback or support. The Intensive Workshops will actually improve a student English ability. For instance, grammar principles are addressed in Writing and Speaking Workshops, thus improving the students overall grammar score.
  • Students looking to get 7.0 or 8.0 for immigration purposes: Our Advanced level Intensive Workshops can help boost the English ability, and the Crack the Test classes can give students strategies to improve their score even more -it’s the perfect combination for getting the points you need.
  • Students who only want to try the test: If you just want to try the test itself before you commit, come by our campus any day fo the week to sit a Mock Test. Depending on your results you may prefer to just go right to the real thing, or we can develop a study plan to increase your score even more!


ELICOS students will need to provide proof of their English ability to receive their visa

  • IELTS 5.0 (or 4.0 + an essay ‘Describing my life goals” at a 5.0 level) OR
  • Successful completion of 4 weeks of Intermediate General English Level or achieving and intermediate level in our placement test.

Onshore students will just have to come and take a free placement test at our campus, or online.


At Liberty College we want our students to gain the best education possible. In order to achieve this we have small class sizes and dedicated teachers that are able to assist students with any additional help and/or learning material.

Teachers have created practise exams that test one key component of the IELTS at a time ensuring that students are not falling behind in a particular area.

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