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Ten Amazing Advantages to Studying at Liberty College in Brisbane

Explore the advantages to studying at Liberty College in Brisbane, Australia!

1. Real Work Experience

Liberty College is here every step of the way, and we mean every step. In fact, we are willing to guarantee our VET course students a suitable work placement and 360 hours of on-the-job learning, including 20 hours of paid work. Once thy have completed these hours they are in a better position to get relevant paid work during their studies. While on a student visa international student will also be able to work up to 40 hours per fortnight.    


2. Industry Connections

Our CEO, Ricardo Novais, has been involved in the construction industry since he was 14 years old -imagine how well networked he is! What make our graduates successful is our ability to facilitate industry connections. Today's graduates have the skills but enter the job market as strangers to their desired employers. At Liberty we have capitalised on our industry connections to introduce students to industry professionals before they even graduate!    

3. Options for Life in Australia

Our students are given hands-on work experience, and valuable connections to future employers, so naturally they are equipped to grow and thrive in Australia even after graduation. When we choose to offer a course it's because we have noticed a need in the industry for worker with this qualification. Child care workers, carpenters, construction workers, tilers, steel fixers, form workers, concreters, and various business titles are in-demand right now here in Brisbane, Australia. We believe giving students a range of sought-after qualifications to choose from is part of what sets graduates up for success. For international students this can make all the difference for finding sponsorship and maybe even staying in Australia.      

4. Customised IELTS preparation

Most IELTS training centres have only one or two options for students. These courses of study do not properly address students who are stronger in one aspect than another, and they certainly are not schedule-friendly for the working student. Our IELTS training calendar is design to suit the individual student. Now students will be able to customise their course to help boost their skills in weak areas. The Crack the Test sessions will help students get familiar with the test layout and learn useful tips and proven strategies to improve their band scores. In addition, the Intensive Workshops will last one hour and hone in on one specific area of the IELTS: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These private workshops are designed to support students in developing skills, not just for the test, but for life -ideal for anyone who is weak only in one or two key areas. Additionally, every Friday we will offer professional mock tests taken directly from past IELTS exams.    

5. Flexible payment plans

Liberty College listens to what students have to say! Student feedback identified that paying small amounts over the long term was far easier than paying 100% of tuition fees up front (as universities do). This is especially true for international students who may have a higher earning potential here in Australia and it can take a long time to save up the necessary funds in their home country. Now students have the option to go onto a payment plan and pay tuition fees in 2 block, 4 block, or 8 block payments -depending on the length of study.      

Liberty College have a beautiful campus6. Great facilities in a central location

We are lucky to be located in the heart of Brisbane! Many training providers are located far outside of the city and require time and money to commute to. Our convenient location is easily accessible from Central Station, and Queen Street Mall, and walking distance from South Bank and Roma Street Parklands. Public transit can be inefficient when travelling between suburbs, but access to the city is always quick and easy from the surrounding suburbs! Our urban campus offers a fresh and modern design, with the latest technology, such as Smartboards, to enhance student learning. This campus was designed around student comfort, which is why it includes a full kitchen and dining facilities, a computer lab, a counselling room, and even an outdoor picnic space!    

7. Comprehensive Education

We aim to prepare our graduates for success. Our commitment to comprehensive education is the building blocks for how we have structure our courses. For instance, students taking a Certificate III in Carpentry will become familiar with the fundamentals of carpentry, but will also be trained in formwork, steelfixing, and concreting. Our IELTS courses aren't just test test test, no, we are happy to help students build up their English ability to help improve their band score. Childcare students have access to a practical learning environment and we will help place students with work providers!        

8. Constant Improvement

Liberty College is constantly looking for new ways to develop and succeed. We listen to student feedback, review suggestions from worker providers, consult with migration agents, and brainstorm idea with our employees all to help deliver the best possible education experience. We have plans to expand our courses, campus, and offer more benefits to students as we progress into the future.    

9. Practical Areas on Campus

Many of the VET course providers located in the city will send students far out of the city to get their practical experience. We have practical areas right here. Our one campus practical areas are another great convenience to our students, who spend more time learning, and less time in traffic. Both our childcare and construction students have access to these great space that can help them when they move to their work experience components. This comes back to advantage number 7, Comprehensive Education. Training from a book alone won't give you the skills you need to get ahead in this job market, and these practical areas address that student concern.    

10. Friendly staff

Based on student feedback, a friendly administration team makes all the difference. Having your application handled by a large institution can be difficult, isolation, frustrating, and generally an awful experience, especially when something goes wrong. We've all had customer service nightmares, but you don't want to have something like that happen when you about to embark on something as important as starting your education. We have time to meet with the students who walk through the doors, submit an English test, email us with a query, chat with us on the website, or call us with a question. We look forward to welcoming more students to Liberty College in Brisbane!

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