Recent Testimonials

“I had a really easy time to apply to Liberty College. I’m am very grateful for the nice staff.”

Peter Liang Wei Wu - Suzhou, China

“I first though I could not study in Australia, but Liberty College helped me. I used payment plan to work and study. I study at home on the computer and online two days a week, so I have lots of time to work as a babysitter.”

Sofiya Yelizaveta Yulia Semyonov - Tolyatti, Russia

“Thank you, Liberty! I like how much care I get from the staff, and the campus is very beautiful.”

Mila Hanna Wagner - Alsdorf, Germany
“All my IELTS scores were good except for writing. I could never get past 6.0. Liberty College has helped me up my score to get extra points for immigration. I can call Australia home now, thank you!”
Matías Alejandro Rojas - Soacha, Colombia

“Great classes. I’m new to construction, but I am getting a lot of time to practice at my work placement, and I can spend extra time reading at home if I need to. I’m looking forward to being a carpenter now.”

Shubra El Kheima, Egypt

I appreciated Liberty College so much. they really took care of me!

Ahmed Youssef Mahmoud- Shubra EL Kheime, Egypt
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